Conveyor Belt Metal Detector


Our SIMULTANEOUS MULTIFRECUENCY (SMF) metal detectors are mounted on the conveyor belt, chute or other conveyor system.

They detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metals (ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel) regardless of where the contaminant is inside the product.

When a contaminant is detected, a signal is sent to the reject system: an audible alarm or a process controller to initiate a corrective action.

The SMF design ensures the best detection sensitivity, wherever the location of the contaminant. Especially suited to the demands of the food industry or any product whose protection requirements are high.

Reject System
  • Sweep arm
  • Air blast
  • Pusher reject
  • Nose drop
  • End dump
  • Retracting belt
  • Stop belt
Performance Characteristics
  • SMF multi-frequency technology for universal use.
  • Available in specific customer sizes upon request.
  • High mechanical stability and resistance to interference. Greatly supports vibrations, impacts and temperature fluctuations.
  • Hygienic design, easy to clean, without edges that collect dirt.
  • Reduction of false rejections.
  • Excellent proven detection results in conductive products (50% better results)
  • Control: Intuitive and easy to use 7 ”touch screen.
  • Encapsulated in IP66 / 69K.
  • Smart sensitivity adjustment.
  • Compliance: The SFM Gracida metal detector, meets all industry usage standards food.
  • Inspection of food products and materials
  • Quality control in raw materials.
  • Processing protection system for fruits and vegetables
Complete systems

Gracida systems with SMF metal detectors, conveyor belt and reject unit are easily integrated into new and existing production lines.

Everything is designed to work together in order to ensure high operational safety and accurate detection.