Pipeline Metal Detector


Our Pipeline Metal Detector is designed for the inspection of liquid and paste products (such as: sausages, processed cheese, dressings, sauces, etc.)

When the metal is detected, the reject system starts a rejection mechanism to expel the contaminant into a container.

A variety of connectors is available to ensure easy integration into all types of conventional piping systems.

Performance Feature

The Reliable rejection of metal contaminants is guaranteed by the use of different types of valves according to the characteristics of the product.

The ball type valve is suitable for pasty products (for example sausages and minced meat).

The modular divert valve is especially suitable for liquid products and materials that contain thick pieces.

Several tube diameters are available depending on the performance.
Our Pipeline Metal Detectors are supplied in a sturdy stainless steel frame, ideal for 24/7 use and with a low and well-balanced gravity centre that makes the system highly stable, especially when it needs to be moved.

If necessary, they are also available for wall mounting.

Common applications:
  • Production of minced meat / sausages: Installed between the meat grinder and sealing-cliping system.
  • Packaging of processed cheese, cheese spread or butter: It is installed between the vacuum filler and the packing machine.
  • Gourmet salads and raw vegetable salads: Before filling buckets / trays / cups
  • Desserts, fruit preparations, spicy and spiced sauces: Before the filling station.
Complete Systems

Gracida systems with ASD-PRO metal detectors, conveyor belt and reject unit are easily integrated into new and existing production lines.

Everything is designed to work together in order to ensure high operational safety and accurate detection.

Control Unit
  • Highest sensitivity to metals (2-channel technology)
  • Consistent digital signal processing with high immunity to interference, it uses a special combined EMC filter to suppress external interference.
  • It has the latest microprocessor technology with self-monitoring, automatic balance and temperature compensation.• Compensation of the product with the self-learning function
  • Multi-product memory
  • Password protection / access protection