X Ray Inspection System


Gracida x ray inspection systems detect all contaminants that due to their density, chemical
composition, or mechanical dimensions absorb X-radiation to a lesser or greater degree than the
surrounding product.

For example, metal, glass, ceramics, and stone contaminants in food.

It also detects some plastics (PVC, rubber) as well as other product defects (cracks, trapped air).

“Desired” contaminants (for example: aluminium clips in sausage packaging) can be masked out.

Clip en Lata de Metal

Clip in Metal Can

Performance Characteristics
  • Covers with hinges can be fixed – saves considerable time in cleaning.
  • High performance X-ray tube with integrated high voltage power supply unit: No use of high-maintenance water cooling, just air cooling with air-conditioning unit / filter fan
  • High resolution detection unit (Contaminants, e.g. stainless steel balls can be detected starting from a size of 0.6 mm)
  • Compact system design and low centre of gravity requiring minimum footprint
  • Excellent radiation protection in accordance with statutory X-ray regulations (<1 mSv/a)
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Flexible combination with various reject units and output contacts

  • Allows the simultaneous conveying of different products
  • A parameter set is saved for every product
  • The system automatically detects which product passes through the X-ray beam and uses the correct parameter set
  • Therefore, a manual product change is no longer necessary
  • Separate options can be activated for every product for example: edge filter, weighing, counting


Simultaneous inspection of up to 4 product lines running in parallel

"Ignore Clip" function

This function can be used to hide the metal staple of a product. Without such concealment of output, the sensitivity of the product would decrease strongly because the metal staple has a high density.

The staple is shown on the X-ray image (green frame) but it is hidden for image processing by the software. The system can also check each product for a staple.

Detection of product defects

Box with 24 chocolates

Integrity checking in sealed non-transparent packaging using a count function, and verifying product position.

Weight Checking

Carton with cookies

Detection of incomplete filling (half a cookie is missing)

Software advantages

Gracida X Ray inspection system offers many advantages:

The use of the real-time operating system with flash card ensures

  • No error prone hard disks or external drives.
  • Full processor performance is used only for product inspection
  • No UPS is required for system protection

Additional features and advantages

  • Ethernet connection for data transfer and remote maintenance
  • USB port for saving images, product backup and software updates
  • Multiple i/o capability for the connection of photo cells, reject and separation systems, etc. allowing flexible integration into the production line.
  • Remote maintenance through remote access
  • Product memory for up to 50 products