Conveyor Belt Metal Detector

  • Optimal detection
  • Digital signal analysis
  • Simultaneous Multi frequency technology (SMF)
  • Intuitive and easy to use touch screen
  • Encapsulated in IP65
  • Password protected log

Simultaneous Multi Frecuency Metal Detector

  • Reduction of false rejects
  • Excellent proven detection results in conductive products (50% better results over conventional detectors)
  • Control: Intuitive and easy to use 7 鈥漷ouch screen.
  • Encapsulated in IP66 / 69K.
  • Smart sensitivity adjustment
  • Compliance: The SMF Gracida metal detector
  • Meets all industry usage standards food.

X Ray

  • Complete inspection for highly conductive products
  • Multiline inspection
  • Inspects a high range of blemishes
  • Multiproduct
  • Weight control
  • High speed system

Free fall Metal Detector

  • High sensitivity
  • Consistent performance
  • Minimum installation space
  • Ideal for rough use
  • Easy access to the reject system

Pipeline Metal Detector

  • Metal detection in liquid or pasty products
  • Easy mounting
  • Easy and hygienic cleaning
  • Very simple to operate

Mining Metal Detector

  • NEMA 4 package
  • Works with conductive minerals
  • Resists temperatures up to 50 掳 C (higher ranges can be requested)

Gracida Equipos聽


  • Magnetic Grills
  • Magnetic Banks
  • Magnetic Torpedoes
  • Magnetic Self Cleaning Drums
  • Magnetic Plates

Gracida Process


  • Pneumatic Transport Systems
  • Electromagnetic Vibrators
  • Level sensors
  • Industrial reels
  • Part Orientators
  • Screens and Dust Collectors